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TFDi Design 717 for FSX/P3D - Review

TFDi Design 717
On the night of December 22nd, the TFDi Design 717 was released to the public for a price of 59,99 dollars.  Many people were excited for the release, but did it hold up to their expectations? Let's find out.

The "Angry Puppy"

The Boeing 717 (or MD-95 as it was originally marketed), is a single aisle, twin engine regional jet designed by McDonnell Douglas. 
The first order for the MD-95 was placed by Valujet in 1995, but after the Boeing/McDonnell Douglas merge in 1997, the MD-95 became the 717. The first airframe was delivered in 1999.
A total of 156 717's were built, most of which went to AirTran Airways, and subsequently to Delta.
The 717 is still in service with Volotea, Qantas Link, Hawaiian Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines and Delta Air Lines.


TFDi introduced something new in the FSX/P3D community using their Addon Manager: after purchasing the 717, you'll have to download their Addon Manager, log in with your credentials and then downloa…