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Spotting Guide: Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport

Jorge Chávez International Airport (IATA: LIM, ICAO: SPJC, formerly SPIM) is Peru's main airport. The airport is located in Callao, the port city of Lima.  It's currently the hub for a number of airlines, the biggest ones being LATAM and Avianca Peru.  The Peruvian Army, Navy and Air Force also have aircraft based at this airfield. The airport was named after Jorge Chávez Dartnell, a well known Peruvian aviator.

Lima is a really interesting place to do plane-spotting due to the rare airplanes that fly in and out on a daily basis, e.g AN-32, Fokker 60, 737-200...

Sadly, planespotting at this airport is dangerous.
This is both due to the fact that security will attempt to kick you from most spots if they see you, but most importantly because the areas surrounding the airport aren't safe.

You'll need a car to get around (or hire a taxi for the day as I did). I'd recommend speaking to local spotters before heading out.

Proceed at your own risk!

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