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Brussels Airport 2016 Spotters Day

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On the 29th of August, 25 planespotters were allowed to go airside at Brussels Airport (BRU/EBBR) for the 2016 Spotters Day, the second event of this type celebrated at this airport.
Everyone who wanted to attend had to take part on an online contest.

One of the lucky winners was me... ;)

The spotters day started at 4 PM and ended at 8 PM. At 4 PM sharp, all participants were gathered at a restaurant inside the departures hall and were given an accreditation badge and a fluorescent vest. Ear plugs were also available on request.

To start off, we were guided through the connector to a waiting area. Upon passing security screening, two groups were made, and took turns in visiting the "Stand and Gate Allocation" facility.
As this facility is located high up in its own "control tower&…