TFDi Design 717 for FSX/P3D - Review

TFDi Design 717
On the night of December 22nd, the TFDi Design 717 was released to the public for a price of 59,99 dollars.  Many people were excited for the release, but did it hold up to their expectations? Let's find out.

The "Angry Puppy"

The Boeing 717 (or MD-95 as it was originally marketed), is a single aisle, twin engine regional jet designed by McDonnell Douglas. 
The first order for the MD-95 was placed by Valujet in 1995, but after the Boeing/McDonnell Douglas merge in 1997, the MD-95 became the 717. The first airframe was delivered in 1999.
A total of 156 717's were built, most of which went to AirTran Airways, and subsequently to Delta.
The 717 is still in service with Volotea, Qantas Link, Hawaiian Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines and Delta Air Lines.


TFDi introduced something new in the FSX/P3D community using their Addon Manager: after purchasing the 717, you'll have to download their Addon Manager, log in with your credentials and then downloa…

Spotting Guide: Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport

Jorge Chávez International Airport (IATA: LIM, ICAO: SPJC, formerly SPIM) is Peru's main airport. The airport is located in Callao, the port city of Lima.  It's currently the hub for a number of airlines, the biggest ones being LATAM and Avianca Peru.  The Peruvian Army, Navy and Air Force also have aircraft based at this airfield. The airport was named after Jorge Chávez Dartnell, a well known Peruvian aviator.

Lima is a really interesting place to do plane-spotting due to the rare airplanes that fly in and out on a daily basis, e.g AN-32, Fokker 60, 737-200...

Sadly, planespotting at this airport is dangerous.
This is both due to the fact that security will attempt to kick you from most spots if they see you, but most importantly because the areas surrounding the airport aren't safe.

You'll need a car to get around (or hire a taxi for the day as I did). I'd recommend speaking to local spotters before heading out.

Proceed at your own risk!

Repsol Gas Station - Runway 1…

Photorico Scenery Dominicci Airport for FSX/P3D - Review

Photorico Scenery Dominicci Airport

Earlier this year, Photorico Scenery released their rendition of Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport in San Juan, an airport that most people know by the name of "Isla Grande airport". The scenery was designed to work both with FSX and Prepar3D, and is available from simMarket for 20,57 €.
Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport
Dominicci Airport, most known as Isla Grande Airport, is an airfield located in Miramar, a district in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The airport was constructed by the U.S Navy prior to World War ll, and was given the name of NAS Isla Grande.  It also served as Puerto Rico's main international airport until 1954, when Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (TJSJ), was built. Up until 1971, the airfield also hosted the USCG, but they relocated to Ramey AFB.
The airport was renamed in honor of Fernando Luis Ribas-Dominicci, a Puerto Rican F-111 pilot that was killed during Operation El Dorado Canyon.
Currently, the airport is fr…

Jetstream Designs Milano Linate for FSX/P3D - Review

Jetstream Designs Milano Linate 

Jetstream Designs is a French flight simulator scenary building company, most known for having made airports such as Marseille or Palermo available to the FS community.

Last year, they started developing a Milano Linate scenery for FSX/P3D, scenary that was released just a month ago.

According to the developer, the included features are the following:
Scenery configurator for seasons, levels of detail, etc.Native P3D ground polygons with reflections, rain, etc.Animated jetwaysVolumetric grassDetailed airport objects and vehiclesAnimated airport vehicles3D runway and taxiway lights with halosRamp lights with halos4 seasons (snowy conditions included)Realistic ground layout with HD texturesExtended custom autogenNight environmentCustom taxiway signs with realistic night texturesGSX© compatibleStatic GA aircraftJetstream Designs Milano Linate is currently available at SimMarket for the price of 24.20 €.

Lets take a better look at it.

Milano's Li…

VEAO Simulations Hawk T.1A for DCS World - Review

VEAO Simulations Hawk T.1A
The Hawk T.1A for DCS World was released in early 2015 by VEAO Simulations, a flight simulation company based in the UK. Currently this module is available both on Steam and the DCS storein its beta state.
The Hawk T.1A

The Hawk is an advanced, jet powered trainer designed by BAE Systems. It flew for first time in 1974, and entered service two years later. 
This aircraft is still in production, and as of today, over a thousand of units have been built.
Some of the original Hawk T.1's were upgraded, thus becoming Hawk T.1A's (the one depicted by VEAO). This variant can carry two Sidewinder air to air missiles, plus a gun pod. 
It's also the variant employed by the well known Red Arrows aerobatic team.

What do you get with VEAO's Hawk?

Even though the module is still in beta state, you get a mostly finished aircraft, in a more advanced state than the C-101 (just an example).
You also get some missions, which range from doing a cold start to trying to per…